JobSource has an array of tools and services that can help save you time and money!

Ways the Business Engagement team at JobSource can assist Employers:

Free Connections to Local Talent

The Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) is an internet-based self-service system where employers and job seekers can find each other. Our Business Engagement Specialists can help your business register and assist you with posting your jobs. Here are some of the features your company can gain access to on the MWE:

  • Post open positions
  • Search for candidates
  • Labor market information
  • Build company profile

Labor Recruitment and Development

The JobSource Business Engagement team can assist your business in recruiting, pre-screening and referring qualified candidates. We do this by:

  • Facilitating customized recruitments at a JobSource location or at offsite locations
  • Providing facilities for and offering customized training to job seekers
  • Coaching businesses on lay-off aversion
  • Offering funding through an employee training program (ETP)
  • Developing, convening, or implementing industry or sector partnerships

Work Based Training Activities

On-the-job training (OJT):

Is provided under a contract with an employer

  • Can be public, private non-profit, or private sector
  • Is designed for occupational training for participants, in exchange for 50% wage reimbursement (can be up           to 90% in some cases)
OJT is limited to:
  • The participant’s individual employment plan
  • The time needed for a participant to become proficient in the occupation trained for:
Customized Training

Training that meets an employer’s or group of employers’ requirements where the employer commits to hire the participant(s) upon completion of training and pays 50% of the cost of training.

The Employee Training Program (ETP) is designed to meet the needs of an employer/group of employers.

  • To retain a skilled workforce
  • Avert the need to lay off employees
  • Assist the workers to get the skills necessary to retain employment
  • Conducted with a commitment by the employer to retain or avert layoffs of the incumbent worker trained

20% of the “dislocated worker” allotment is set aside for incumbent worker training, which we have coined the “Employee Training Program” in Southern Maryland. States can use their activities funds, or Rapid Response funds. Funding amounts range from 50-90% based on the size of the company.

Registered Apprenticeship
  • Any industry can become a registered apprenticeship
  • OJT funds and Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) can be used to support a Registered Apprenticeship

Human Resource Consulting Services

  • Writing/reviewing job descriptions
  • Analyzing employee turnover
  • Explaining labor laws to help employers comply with wage/hour and safety/health regulations
  • Assisting employers with local, state, and federal tax credits
  • Customized Labor Market Information (LMI) for specific employers, sectors, industries, or clusters

Yvette Turner
Lead Business Engagement Specialist: Healthcare, Hospitality, & Retail

Jackie Chembars
Business Engagement Specialist: Construction


Selorm Agbley
Business Engagement Specialist: IT